The Swimming Hole at Brouse

“It is said, ‘better to be a has been than a never been’. Such applies to the dear old swimming hole at Brouse.

In those days the creek ran through the ‘Cameron Ranch’. Tall shady trees on either side of the bridge made it an ideal spot for young folk to gather for a dip. The young fry, and the not so young from Glenbank and Nakusp often frequented the ‘Old Swimming Hole’ at Brouse. It was also a popular picnic site for Glenbank and Nakusp Sunday Schools.

Lovers too have met at the bridge!

Old timers have come from as far as California with happy memories of the ‘Old Swimming Hole — only to find it is no more. The property is sold and divided on the east side between the three Henke brothers. They have cleared the land and fenced off the creek.

Many a child from Brouse, Glenbank, and Nakusp came to fish in that creek.”

By Ethel Henke
From Women’s Institute Anthology Volume 3

Children at the Swimming Hole, Nakusp Museum