The New Presbyterian Organ, Nakusp Museum

“When the time was ripe an almost miraculous opportunity had come in the visit of Mr. Quance, from Ontario, to his son and family. During his visit the Methodist Ladies’ Aid had decided they would purchase a new organ through him, as he was letting them have it at practically cost price.

Mrs. Glendenning, the President, knew a bargain when she saw it, but all she could say was, ‘What will the board of managers say?’

Mrs. Carlson replied, ‘We just won’t tell them until we have it paid for.’

We counted our assets; we just made it the exact sum. Then someone remembered the freight charges. Yes, we raised that too, by each member paying her dues of 10c a month for six months ahead.

A board meeting was called in due course and the question came up, ‘What is this we hear of the ladies wanting to purchase a new organ?’

The late E.W. Somers said, ‘I don’t agree to it at all.’

‘Oh,’ remarked Mrs. Carlson, ‘the organ is already purchased, and paid for, and we are expecting the new organ here any day now.'”

The old organ was given to Miss Hamer, the organist for the church for over 50 years. “The New Organ” was eventually retired and now resides in the Nakusp Museum.

Excerpt from, Pioneer Days of Nakusp and the Arrow Lakes (1964).

Miss Hamer and "The New Organ", Nakusp Museum