May 1952, Nakusp Museum

Oh come all you tourists afar and near
To our part of the world that we hold so dear
The most beautiful town and up-to-date,
Nakusp is known as the Jewel of the Lake.

With ne’er a crop failure form the tempest blast
The climate on the Lakes is unsurpassed.
Large spacious farms and orchards bear
Rosy apples, peaches, plums and pear.

You can find our fruits in an African abode
Our apples are shipped to four corners of the globe,
And the British Empire people dine
On tables manufactured from White Pine.

Mining, fur, farming and chicken ranching
All help to keep our community advancing
Electric light from a water source
Keeps our disposition from remorse.

Free mineral Hot Springs to give us Health
Dispense an untold amount of wealth.
Rowboats and motorboats for hire
Or perhaps a sail boat to suit your ire.

Excellent fishing in lake and stream
Is like the fish you saw in your dream,
And in Wilson Lake you still get a bite
That it makes you get out bed in the middle of the night.

Black and grizzly bear and deer,
Roam near by without fear
Blue and willow grouse, duck and goose
Flee in frenzy from the moose.

Lo for the People of the Place
Tend to make a grand race.
‘Neath mighty crags on either hand
They make Nakusp the gem of the land.