“Though fishing had not been good, Fred Johanson and his son-in-law decided to try their luck one evening. And the decision was a happy one; they came home with two beauties.

‘Wow,’ thought Fred, ‘What a fine breakfast.’ He left the fish on the porch while he went to the kitchen to sharpen his knife.

Returning he was just in time to see a strange cat making off with the larger of the two fish. With a loud yell, he gave chase. Across the yard, through the fence and over the bank, the cat dragged the fish with Fred in close pursuit.

It was a losing race for the fisherman and he returned dejectedly to his porch only to find that his own cat had run off with the other fish.”
– F.J.

From Pioneer Days of Nakusp and Arrow Lakes (1964)
Written and compiled by Mrs. K. Johnson.