Thrown back in time!


Tessa Rose Wilson, Nelson BC

That pig is disgusting!

Leoni & Jasmine Tse, Calgary AB

I love museums!

Charlie Smith, Cochrane AB

Really cool to see photos of family here!

Emma & Mike Reilly, Cassie & Greg Smith, Delta BC

I loved this museum!

Lucas, Sexsmith AB

We enjoyed it very much!

Dave & Lori Paquette, Victoria BC

Well worth a visit!

C. Cunwon, Missoula MT

One of the best I’ve seen!

Philip Merry, Edmonton AB

Nice collection of history!

D. Poitras, Fort St. John BC

Great displays! Thanks for the extra stories!

Daignault, Nordin, Goudreau, Edmonton AB

Rainy today so we are enjoying the museum!

Lori & Jeff, Kelowna BC

Thanks for the trip through time!

Brian & Diana, Calgary AB

Great place — needed more time!

Sarah & John, West Kelowna BC

Make sure to see the pickled pig!

Marlon, Marcela, Collette, and Bruno, Edmonton

Great adventure back in time, keeps getting better each year!

MacDonald Family, Calgary

Great to be back! Not since 1992!

Chris Jacqui & Ella, Pentiction BC

Great collection! Especially enjoyed the Sinixt room!

Carol Card & Ravi Philar, Ottawa

“Great Indigenous section”

Al Jamison, Irma AB

“Chump Europeans should have assimilated!”

Forest Borie & Elizabeth Villa, Tijuana & San Diego

“Very interesting! Treasures!”

Sharon (Reimer) & Bruce Broadwood, Victoria BC

“Great collection! Especially enjoyed the Sinixt room!”

Carol Card & Ravi Philar, Ottawa

“I love this place!”

Pete, Kelowna BC

“Great walk through history!”

Amy Huppler, Salmon Arm BC

“Very interesting!”

Ana & Tobi, Dusseldorf, Germany

“Wow! You are so lucky to have all the artifacts displayed so well.”

John T. Black, Beeton ONT

“What a beautiful gem!”

Frank & Eira Kelly, Liverpool UK

“Fun yet educational”

Ben Shelley, Sydney Australia

“Fantastic! I’m glad I live in this century!”

Pearl Overwill, Richmond BC


Wally & Stella Cunningham, Cape Town South Africa