School is out for summer!

Centennial Building, Nakusp Museum

Canada 150 celebrations take place this weekend, along with the annual parade. In honour of the Women’s Institute, here’s a July 1st memory from their volumes:

“This picture was taken by my husband of the July 1st Parade. The idea was sparked by Mrs. F. Rushton, our W.I. President at that time. Presumably W.I. members going to a meeting and dressed as in the first years of the W.I.. Our efforts won $5.00. It may have been First Prize.

Women's Institute July 1st Float 1938, Nakusp Museum

Wagon and team driven by Johnie Grigg. Mrs. Gregory Sr. presumably his lady with baby (a large doll) in arms. The other ladies are Mrs. Allan – who wore the outfit she came to Canada in. I think she said as a bride. Mrs. Bill, Mrs. Parent, Mrs. Rushton, Mrs. Salstrom, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Embree, Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Grigg – behind wagon.

Johnnie’s mother, trotting behind carrying her supplies of butter and eggs – captioned ‘The late Mrs. Grigg’ as she was always late for a meeting, having to walk over a mile and make her deliveries in town first.

Women's Institute July 1st Float 1938, Nakusp Museum

Personally, I have nothing startling or spectacular to put on record. The small amusing incidents are soon forgotten, or might not sound so funny when written down, but I do not think anyone can say other than our W.I. is a grand power and meetings are peppy and interesting.”

By Beatrice B. Embree
Women’s Institute Anthology