“The building was erected in 1912 with Joseph Stanley Crowell in charge and was paid for by the government.

With new settlers arriving many enthusiastic orchardists were keen for competition and there were many fine showings of farm produce, dairy, fruits, etc… and on several occasions a baby show. The enthusiasm of the people was kept up for many years by the faithful few but eventually the Agricultural and Industrial Association died out as other interests came to take its place. Roads were built, many farmers acquired cars and a holiday away from home was the farmers just award.

The building was later made into a skating rink and in 1949, thirty-seven years after the erection of the building, with the heavy fall of snow the roof caved in. Presently the location is host to the Nakusp & District Sports Complex.”

Interior Agriculture Building, Nakusp Museum

Excepts from Pioneer Days of Nakusp and The Arrow Lakes (1964).